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Sustainable living through green home solutions

Sustainable architecture, otherwise known as green home design or eco-friendly architecture, seeks to reduce energy consumption, carbon footprints and the negative environmental impacts of buildings and life within. This is done through a variety of green solutions including the materials used, energy saving systems and the overall design of a building. Designing a home, commercial building or remodel gives one the perfect opportunity to incorporate these energy savings solutions into your plans.

Although one can take measures to improve the energy efficiency of an existing structure by adding solar panels, rain barrels or tankless water heaters, comprehensive green home design starts with the layout of your home or commercial project, taking into consideration everything from its floorplan to how it’s situated within its environment. Sustainable architecture is a holistic approach, a mindfulness incorporated throughout the entire design process.

Soloway Designs Architecture + Interiors was an early adopter of the green home trend and has over 20 years of experience flawlessly incorporating these sustainable solutions into our designs. We look forward discussing these options with you.

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Efficient, eco-friendly living



A holistic approach to design

Approaching a new project with efficiency in mind allows for an infinite number of opportunities to incorporate eco-friendly solutions into your design. For instance, how does the home sit in within the topography? How is it oriented to the Sun’s path? Will the placement capture the best opportunity for cross breeze? How will light affect the house and can you use natural light in lieu of artificial throughout the day? This mindfulness in design introduces basic, non-costly green elements right into the floorplan. Next you can begin to discuss systems like solar, rainwater harvesting, and grey water recycling and choices in building materials from wall systems and windows, tile to paint which can reduce the carbon footprint of the build and add better insulation or reduce energy consumption. The possibilities are endless!

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*Learn more stats about sustainable architecture & green home designs from the USGBC website

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