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Additions & Remodels Southwest Contemporary


Motivated by a need for more space, this home underwent a significant expansion from 2485 to 7560 square feet. The fusion of modern luxury with the 1949 charm is evident in the architectural features, boasting a two-level addition with a captivating great room, a 10-foot island, a second-level master suite, two guest rooms, and a scenic balcony. Mullion-style double glass doors, expansive windows, and a sliding glass patio wall enhance the entrance, complemented by exposed wooden beams that infuse rustic warmth.

The design seamlessly merges contemporary and traditional elements, showcasing a classic black and white palette with wood tones and pops of dramatic color. Notably, the original red adobe brick takes center stage in the addition. The rear yard features abundant red adobe brick in walkways, integrating a spa adjacent to the original pool. Environmental sensitivity is paramount, with efforts to preserve Saguaros and Mesquite trees, transforming the project into a harmonious tribute to the land’s legacy. The addition of new elements like palm trees elevates the property to a resort-like ambiance. This stunning showcase of design innovation harmonizes with nature’s timeless beauty, emphasizing the homeowner’s dedication to ecological mindfulness.

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    Tucson, Arizona

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