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Green Home Design

Solar Orientation is setting your home and spaces inside it to optimize the relationship with the sun’s path. The angle of the sun in relation to your home varies with the changing seasons. Positioning your home and living spaces based on these angles increases the energy efficiency of your home by protecting from heat in the summer and utilizing the sun to warm the home in the winter no matter where you live.

We perform solar studies to evaluate sites for the most effective home positioning, window placements, and exterior overhang locations. These solar studies are movies that show you exactly how the sun reacts to your home so you can see for yourself what to expect during the year.

/System benefits

Why consider the Sun's path

Benefits of Solar Orientation


Cost Effective

Using less energy for lighting, heating, and cooling saves money that can be used elsewhere. Heating and cooling systems run less often preserving the lifespan of the systems.


Increased Home Value

Green homes have a greater resale value and move faster on the market.


Indoor Comfort

Natural lighting and noise reduction from heating and cooling systems running less often lowers stress levels and improves indoor quality of life.

See what's possible

Solar Orientation Study

Solar Orientation Study

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